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The Experiment

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This is all a psychology experiment to see the general reaction of the public to c5aos. But with the recent influx of newfags on /a/, arguably including myself, I'm thinking of halting the project.

The idea of the psychology experiment is a basic one. It is to evaluate the human mind's endurance and ability to withhold it's ideas.

If you were to ignore all my posts instead of using sage on a perfectly good thread, nothing would ever happen.

However, because you sage the threads, there are those of a chaotic neutral nature who decide to appear to notice/support me because it's the opposite of what the rest of you are doing.

Basically speaking, I am the spark, /a/, and you are the fire. The fire that is the force that THRUELY ruins the threads.

However, on a positive note, I've collected enough information to write my thesis papers, the experiment will end very soon.