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The tell me what to watch thread (order now and get my life story free!!!)

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sofar ive watched (in order):

first i gotta mention: i never really considered shows such as pokemon, digimon or dbz anime, cause i never knew they were "different" from the other cartoons shown on cartoon network.
but there first "real" anime ive watched was Gundam wing-a friend let me borrow a tape, and i watched the whole thing, and loved it. but still didnt realize that there was more stuff like it out there (aka anime or more specifically, mecha)

skip five years:

i came upon love hina on winamp tv, and watched the whole thing. hated it. honestly i dunno why i watched the whole thing. but seriously, the main dude was so depressingly nerdy and pathetic, i just wanted to beat the shit out of him. seriously he was annoying as fuck. immediatly after (im talking in minutes), the channel played flcl. all i could muster was a big WTF. after all, this was such a huge differnce from the crapfest i just marathoned for the last six hours. but i loved it--as crazy as it was, i just couldnt stop watching it (ok, i actually had to write a english paper, so i did what i always do--procrasinate). later on i re watched and loved it for completely different reasons- i actually understood its (multiple) meanings underneath all that chaos.