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So I just finished watching Gunbuster and Diebuster over the weekend. This is my review.

Gunbuster: I haven't watched a lot of 1980's mecha but if I did it'd probably make a lot of sense to me. Having training mechs, women ripping off shirts to pull out their machine's hearts and development at light speed just made me sit there and question the entire credentials of the show. One episode Noriko is training. The next she's in space and mourning over her father. The next she meets a guy and he dies before she hardly knows him... and she bawwww's about it. When I was done it felt like I had just sat down to a 50 episode mecha series that was edited and cut to 6 episodes.

Diebuster was a bit better than this and it didn't seem so cut. But my problem with it was that it's actual connection with Gunbuster seemed minor or superficial. The only real connection to Gunbuster was the black hole, Nono's origin (which wasn't really explained at all) and the ending. Really it could have easily worked as a stand-alone OVA.

Still shit was awesome while it lasted. Nine stars.