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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this website?
A: An archive which stores everything which was once posted on - all of the content originated from that website. If you need a Poster's information, you need to contact 4chan.
All trademarks and copyrights on this website are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster.

Q: Why do maintain such a website? How is this one different than the other archive websites?
A: 4Chan prunes threads after they expire (can take from a minute to days or even months).
The goal of this website is to archive entire 4chan in real time and provide a way for users to read and search though old threads and revisit old memories.
Unlike other archives I try to be as SEO-friendly as possible and list as much content on Google/Baidu/Bing/Yahoo/Yandex as possible.
The archiving process is fully automated, so if you notice anything illegal or copyrighted, please report it immediately and I'll take it down as soon as possible.
My plan is to create an archive of last resort - the archive people visit when their preferred one is down or not currently working or has been shut down permanently.

Q: Which boards do you archive?
A: All. Yes. ALL. I archive only thumbnails, except for /qd/, /qst/, /po/, /vip/, /q/, /con/, /qst/, /can/, /cock/, /fap/, /fitlit/, /mo/, /mlpol/, /mtv/, /outsoc/, /spa/, /vint/ (as of right now).

Q: Why do you archive only thumbnails?
A: Two main reasons:
1) Some boards can generate up to 600GB of data in a month, that's a lot of data to handle, so archiving entire 4chan would be next to impossible (unless I could afford say... 10k USD for a huge dedicated storage server)
2) There are already great archives out there which archive 4chan with full sized images, flash, PDF, webms, and etc. (listed below).

Q: If you have only thumbnails, how come I see big images/webms/etc. ?
A: For some boards the system directly shows the image which is hosted right now on or redirects to another archive which archives that board.
I've contacted most admins of the other 4chan archives and I've asked them if I can link to their full images and they all allowed me to do it.
Current list of boards which have full images on
Thanks to : asp / c / e / n / news / out / p / toy / vp / w / wg / wsr
Thanks to : adv / hr / o / pol / s4s / sp / trv / tv / x
Thanks to : a / aco / an / co / d / fit / gif / his / int / k / m / mlp / qa / r9k / tg / trash / vr / wsg
Thanks to : i / lgbt / t / u
Thanks to : cm / ic / sci / v / vg / y
Thanks to : h / hc / hm / r / s / soc
Thanks to : b / bant
Thanks to : cgl / g / mu
By me: con / gd / po / q / qst / vip / can / cock / fap / fitlit / mo / mlpol / mtv / outsoc / spa / vint
For the boards which are not on the above list, it redirects to Once deleted from there - it's gone forever.
I've yet to contact Warosu and

Q: If you archive only thumbs, why do you archive fully /qst/, /gd/, /vip/ and /po/ ?
A: Because no one else currently archives them with asagi. Both and used to archive /gd/ until their death.'s /gd/ full images are present, archived only thumbs so no images, a private archiver archived for 2-3weeks /gd/ while was offline, so he donated his images.
/con/ is incredibly small, so it was not an issue. I might consider archiving full images on small boards like /3/, /po/ and etc. when I get more space.

Q: You archive /b/ ?! Are you insane? Look at what happen to and [insert other dead archives due to DMCA and etc.]
A: First of all I archive only thumbnails, not full images. This way I hope for less attention and issues.
Second, since there are other /b/ archives, I currently consider to archive only text, so not even thumbnails to avoid any issues in the long-term.

Q: I've got a DMCA takedown request that I can prove ownership of. What can I do?
A:You can use the Report button next to the post and submit a request. You NEED to provide proof of ownership of some sort to prove it's a valid DMCA case. A DMCA Case ID is also sufficient. I usually check daily this website for new reports and ban the image globally, deleting the file forever and stopping it from being downloaded in the future. If within a week I have not taken down a reported post, please e-mail me or contact me via irc (details below).
Do note that if it's the same image being reposted, you can report it just once and I'll globally ban and remove it

Q: I do not have a way to prove ownership but I need text and/or image to be removed from this website. What can I do?
A: For personal takedown requests of pictures/text that you can not prove or do not want to prove are yours you need to contact NotDMCA.Net to validate that you are the not a bot or a SJW or a troll. This is a payed service.

Q: I need to contact you! Can I have your e-mail?
A: You can contact me by several ways:
1) For everything important such as advertising, DMCA and so on you can email me at [email protected]
If you email me to report content, please include the link to the thread(s) as well as the numbers of all post(s).
2) Join at
3) Open a thread at /talk/ and explain your issue.

Q: Wait, you remove content?! How dare you!
A: All posted information here is owned by the Poster. All trademarks are copyrighted by their respective owners.
I'm morally and actually most of the cases even legally obliged to remove all reported content.
I've been an admin of 4archive and RandomArchive since about an year and I've received about 600 DMCA complains and in 95% those pictures or links were heavily traumatizing the life of the claimants.
I host my website in a country where DMCAs sort-of exist, but I just prefer to not take any risks with the future of this archive.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm an administrator of many 4chan archives:,,,,

Q: Search does not work for some boards. Why?
A: The search on /3/ is disabled due to malfunctioning code, it will be turned on when I solve the issue. If anyone knows how to handle SphinxSQL queries which query a table begining with a numeric value, pls make a thread at /talk/.
The search on about 15 boards is disabled since it requires a lot of RAM to keep the search engine on.
Boards like /a/, /v/, /vg/, /tg/ have about 10-15GB of indexes. I believe I'll need around 128GB of RAM if I'd want to keep the search on for all boards.
1) If the search does not work for a board and/or global search is also down, write in IRC or open a thread at /talk/.
2) If the search works but you can't find a thing which you are sure to be there, please wait for an hour or so. New content is not automatically indexed as it's written in to the DB.
3) Search is updated once every hour.
4) Right now search requires a word to be at least 4 characters long and it will return maximum of 5000 results.

Q: What information do you keep?
A: If you are ghost posting your IP is kept in the DB. When you browse the website your IP address and the pages and files you requested are stored by the Nginx Web Server in logs. Google and my Advertising partners may store or access previously stored by them cookies, as announce din the cookie consent policy.

Q: When did this project begin ?
A: I rented the machines on 24. April 2016. It took me about a month to set up everything and import all databases and download all thumbnails.
/vip and /qst/ are archived since their beginning. /b/ is archived since about 16. May 2016.
Archiving on all other boards began on 28. May 2016.

Q: Is there a way to help this project? Thank you for your work!
A: There are several ways:
1) The best way would be to simply link me to other websites, so this website can become popular.
2) If you want to help me out financially, ensuring the future of this project, you can disable any adblcoking software since I rely entirely on advertisements. I doubt anyone would ever consider donating via paypal or e-currency to me, but if you do, you can contact me. This will ensure that I won't follow the original's fate.
3) Please report every post that has illegal or copyrighted information, this will ensure that I won't follow the fate of

Q: What content is allowed here?
A: Everything that is legal in Germany (since the host follows the laws in DE). If you see anything illegal (CP, spam links, etc.) please use the report system!
As to my understanding 3d/drawn lolikon and 3d/drawn bestiality is "okay" in Germany since it's considered "art" by their laws, similar to the Dutch law system where they recognise such content as "fiction and thus unreal and thus legal".

Q: What's with the advertisements?
A: All generated revenue from the advertisements on this website goes towards paying the hosting and CDN fees (shown below).
Anything which is left is put in to bank for me to be able to grow this website and continue this project. This also includes me buying better and stronger storage servers, faster main servers, taking care of firewalls and DDoS protections and so on.
I don't accept currently donations and I don't live in the USA (like most other archivers do), so paying $100+/month for hosting is quite a lot for me, but with the advertisements I can make sure that this project will remain online as long as I'm alive.
By having some revenue from advertisements I can ensure that in case of a disastrous event such as the death of or or the constant downtimes of, I can spend all my time and money on buying a new server somewhere else.

Q: Which ad networks do you use?
A: I use primary ExoClick and PopAds. If you are a webmaster and you are interested about which ad networks I use or have used, you can read about it here.
I aim to show NSFW ads on NSFW boards and SFW on the SFW boards. I do try to be sane about it and limit it to the following:
  • For desktop (PC, MacOS, Ubuntu, etc.) users:
    • NSFW boards: 2 banner ads at header and footer, 2-3 popup ads (every 24h), 1 sliding ad (closable)
    • SFW boards: 2 banner ads at header and footer, 1-2 popup ads (every 24h), 0 sliding ads
  • For Mobile/Tablet/etc. users:
    • NSFW boards: 2 banner ads at header and footer, 1 popup ads (every 24h), 1 closable always on-screen ad at bottom of the screen
    • SFW boards: 2 banner ads at header and footer, 1 popup ads (every 24h), 0 always on-screen ads

Note: the ads are (as of 19.06.2016) not yet implemented and are subject to change.

Q: A thumbnail/image/post is missing, why?
A: Either Asagi (the archiving engine) was not fast enough to download it before 4chan deleted it or if it's in an old thread - either or didn't provide the thumbnail or full image.
If a post or thread is missing it was either nor fetched in time by the archiving engine or I had to remove it or it was never present in the DB dumps that I'm using.
If you happen to have the missing thumbnails or posts data, you can give me the dumps, contact me via IRC, email or at /talk/.
Images are fetched in real-time from 4chan locally. Every 1 minute a script pushes all of the data to the storage server (
If you have just posted or seen an image being posted, expect it to be shown within 1-2 minutes.

Q: There are Db dumps of old archives, do you have them?
A: Yes, I imported the mysql dumps and thumbnail dumps of (200GB mysql, 400gb thumbnails), (40GB sql, 60GB thumbnails), /con/ (2MB sql, 850MB images) was donated to me by VoH (nyafuu archives)
- : 100% of the dumped posts&threads data, 100% of thumbnails that got dumped ( never uploaded some thumbnails, thus they are missing).
- : 100% thumbnails, ~80% posts (I couldn't merge some boards like /jp/, /i/ and i think one or two more, I might retry some day but I don't promises a thing)
- /con/ : 100% data and posts imported
When I get a better server I'll also include entire desuarchive and nyafuu posts and thumbnails. If anyone wants to donate to me any asagi(foolfuuka)-based db and thumbs dumps I'll gladly import it.

Q: Do you have any statistical information?
A: Yes. You can see the statistics here.
The Db statistics is here.
The Db statistics is here.

Q: Some boards have [dead] in their name, what's that?
A: This means that the board is no longer active on 4chan. Right now that's /q/ and /con/. /q/ is now /qa/ and /con/ is I guess /cgl/ ?

Q: What caused the death of the other archives?
A: - died due to ton of CP and DMCA complaints which were not taken care of in time, so the host shutdown his server and gave the admin a week to clean it up - he didn't so the host (OVH) wiped his system, deleting everything which was stored on No backups were ever made. - yet another server crash causing a hard disk failure, which caused some data to be lost. In the end they didn't wan to keep up the project anymore online.

Q: I really like this website! Can I donate to buy you a beer/pizza/rakia or even help you host it?
A: Right now donations are not a thing. As soon as I get the time I'll provide a BitCoin and DogeCoin addresses for donations. In some special cases where the donation is significant I could consider Paypal/PayZa or even Western Union.

Q: What's the technical specifications of your server? How much do you pay?
A: There are two servers currently running for
Main server:
Services: Nginx, MariaDB, Asagi, SphinxSearch
Type: VPS
Storage: 800GB SSD - Stores the SQL DB (posts,threads, etc.) data as well as SphinxSearch data
Price: 30euro/month

Storage server:
Services: Nginx.
Type: VPS
Storage: 2TB HDD - Stores all media files (images, thumbs, etc.)
Price: 25euro/month

I'm considering also CloudFlair as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for USD20/month as well.
I also pay about $20/year for domain name and WhoIs protection. If you do the math you can see that I'm paying about ~1k USD per year.
I'm considering renting a strong dedicated server, but that would increase all costs to about USD200/month, thus ~$2.5k/year, and that is something which is way out of my pocket as of right now.

Q: This website is slow for me!
A: Is it slow all the time or just periodically? You can open up a thread on /talk/ if it's running quite slow or a board is behind in being archived. Do note that asagi might be rather slow sometimes, but if a board is hours behind the actual state on 4chan, please contact me.

Q: What do you use to make all of this happen?
A: Ubuntu 16.04 as a server, FoolFuuka as a web cms, Asagi as archiving engine, SphinxSearch as search engine, Nginx, php5.6, php5.6-fpm, money from the advertisements to pay the hosting bills, friendly threads on /talk/ to motivate me to keep on doing this project :)

Q: Are there other archives?
A: Yes, you can see them here: The Archive Team

Here's a complete list of 4chan archive sites using either Fuuka or FoolFuuka software. Boards with full image archival are in bold.
Last updated: 10. September 2017 !

Archive Status Software Boards archived
Archived.Moe Online foolfuuka /3/, /a/, /aco/, /adv/, /an/, /asp/, /b/, /bant/, /biz/, /c/, /can/, /cgl/, /ck/, /cm/, /co/, /cock/, /con/, /d/, /diy/, /e/, /f/, /fa/, /fap/, /fit/, /fitlit/, /g/, /gd/, /gif/, /h/, /hc/, /his/, /hm/, /hr/, /i/, /ic/, /int/, /jp/, /k/, /lgbt/, /lit/, /m/, /mlp/, /mlpol/, /mo/, /mtv/, /mu/, /n/, /news/, /o/, /out/, /outsoc/, /p/, /po/, /pol/, /q/, /qa/, /qst/, /r/, /r9k/, /s/, /s4s/, /sci/, /soc/, /sp/, /spa/, /t/, /tg/, /toy/, /trash/, /trv/, /tv/, /u/, /v/, /vg/, /vint/, /vip/, /vp/, /vr/, /w/, /wg/, /wsg/, /wsr/, /x/, /y/
The /b/ Archive Online foolfuuka /b/, /bant/
4Archive Online 4Archive /3/, /a/, /aco/, /adv/, /an/, /asp/, /b/, /biz/, /c/, /cgl/, /ck/, /cm/, /co/, /d/, /diy/, /e/, /fa/, /fit/, /g/, /gd/, /gif/, /h/, /hc/, /his/, /hm/, /hr/, /i/, /ic/, /int/, /jp/, /k/, /lgbt/, /lit/, /m/, /mlp/, /mu/, /n/, /news/, /o/, /out/, /p/, /po/, /pol/, /qa/, /qst/, /r/, /r9k/, /s/, /s4s/, /sci/, /soc/, /sp/, /t/, /tg/, /toy/, /trash/, /trv/, /tv/, /u/, /v/, /vg/, /vip/, /vp/, /vr/, /w/, /wg/, /wsg/, /wsr/, /x/, /y/ Online 4Archive /b/ Online foolfuuka /h/, /hc/, /hm/, /r/, /s/, /soc/
4plebs Online foolfuuka /adv/, /f/, /hr/, /o/, /pol/, /s4s/, /sp/, /tg/, /trv/, /tv/, /x/
Nyafuu Archive Online foolfuuka /bant/, /c/, /con/, /e/, /n/, /news/, /out/, /p/, /toy/, /vip/, /vp/, /w/, /wg/, /wsr/
Love is Over Online foolfuuka /c/, /d/, /e/, /i/, /lgbt/, /t/, /u/
Rebecca Black Tech Online fuuka /cgl/, /g/, /mu/
warosu Online fuuka /3/, /biz/, /cgl/, /ck/, /diy/, /fa/, /g/, /ic/, /jp/, /lit/, /sci/, /tg/, /vr/
Desuarchive Online foolfuuka /a/, /aco/, /an/, /c/, /co/, /d/, /fit/, /gif/, /his/, /int/, /k/, /m/, /mlp/, /q/, /qa/, /r9k/, /tg/, /trash/, /vr/, /wsg/ Online foolfuuka /a/, /cm/, /co/, /ic/, /sci/, /tg/, /v/, /vg/, /vip/, /y/ Online foolfuuka /g/, /jp/, /mlp/, /v/
PK's archive :^) Online foolfuuka /int/
bstats Online b-stats /f/, /cm/, /hm/, /lgbt/, /news/, /trash/, /qst/, /y/


I would like to say a big thank you to several people, the's owner, Bui - the owner of, ATC, VoH, Antonizoon and everyone else in #Bibanon!

Thank you all for all of the CP or DMCA reports! I try to check my website at least once a day, usually about 4-5times.
I ban all of the reported images/webm/gif/etc, stopping them from being archived in the future and I usually also delete the post itself, if it's containing inappropriate content.
You guys ensure that this website won't be shutdown like did!

Huge thanks to whoever links threads either to 4chan or to other websites. Hopefully you are linking only great threads full of win (in b4 "4chan was never good"). I always get amazed when I see 500 people simultaneously coming from reddit.
You guys ensure that I'll remain popular and known and be the most linked nsfw-only archive.

I can't even begin to explain how much I value the visitors which do not use AdBlocking software on this website. Actually the true MVPs are the people who click on the banners and purchase a brazzers or w/e plans. I aim to have only the hottest looking banner ads on this website.
You guys ensure that I'll make enough so that I don't have to pay the entire hosting bill entirely on my own, as well as spending money on more storage (so that I dont have to purge old images and webms, like did) and even more bandwidth and CDNs so that your content will load faster!