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Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Q: I've got a DMCA takedown request that I can prove ownership of. What can I do?
A: You can use the Report button next to the post and submit a request. You NEED to provide proof of ownership of some sort to prove it's a valid DMCA case. A DMCA Case ID is also sufficient. I usually check daily this website for new reports and ban the image globally, deleting the file forever and stopping it from being downloaded in the future. If within a week I have not taken down a reported post, please e-mail me or contact me via irc (details below).
Do note that if it's the same image being reposted, you can report it just once and I'll globally ban and remove it

Q: I do not want to share my information with you, is there any other way to prove I own the content?
A: Yes, you can use the services of which specialize in the removal of copyrighted content from the internet.

Q: I do not have a way to prove ownership but I need text and/or image to be removed from this website. What can I do?
A: For personal takedown requests of pictures/text that you can not prove or do not want to prove are yours you need to contact NotDMCA.Net to validate that you are the not a bot or a SJW or a troll. This is a payed service.

Q: I can't prove ownership (or I don't know how) and I don't want to use neither DMCADefender nor, what can I do?
A: You can make a bitcoin donation for this website. People who have donated a significant amount can request their content removed and I'll do it without asking any questions. Contact me for further instructions on this subject.
I personally recommend StrongCoin for a bitcoin wallet. They offer very good free service.

Q: I need to contact you! Can I have your e-mail?
A: You can contact me by several ways:
1) For everything important such as advertising and so on you can email me at [email protected]
If you use this email to report content, please include the link to the thread(s) as well as the numbers of all post(s), but please, just use the above explained method.
2) Join #Archived.Moe at
3) Open a thread at /talk/ and explain your issue.

For anything else, please refer to the FAQ page!