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Hulk Scenario

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/3/every time you orgasm/ejaculate you now transform into a Incredible Hulk version of yourself that will go on a huge rampage destroying anything or anyone in your way.

In your Hulk form you are basically invincible, however you will have no control over yourself as you go on a rage filled warpath. The rampages will last 4-6 hours and you will always find a safe spot before you transform back into your regular self. The only thing that can trigger a hulk out is either an orgasm (which will now be mind-shatteringly good) or when you are unavoidably going to die (thus saving your life)

Now with this problem on your shoulders what will you do 3DGC?
>What is your plan of action?
>How fucked is your local town/city?
>How fucked is the world on a global scale?