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Material library for Arnold?

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Where can I find a ready to use material library for Arnold for 3ds max? I'd like something similar to the Autodesk Material Library that Mental Ray had. I don't want to have to re-create common materials by hand.Is there a website like for Arnold?

WIP Thread - "Upside down" Edition

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Old thread:
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No stupid questions thread?
Oh well, I have one about C4D. Is there any way to add step interpolation via Xpresso? Say I want to rotate an object over time by 5 degrees rather than smoothly. How do I achieve that?
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Let's do a Guess Who thread!
Try and guess the celebrity or character of the sculpt. Also give feedback. I'll start.
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Never, ever, EVER, use RebusFarm.

Holy fucking shit I have had the most difficult, stressful and unproductive week of work ever and it is 100% down to the fucking assholes at this company.

Needed to vent anonymously.

Also: rant thread.
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Low poly thread

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Post low poly, talk low poly. If it's something you're working on then cool, if it's not then also cool.

To kick this off:
-I'm looking for good examples of low res/low poly or "pixel art on 3D' type models. Looking to see how other artists do it.
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Why do people render like 5000 layers when exporting something to nuke,fusion, after effects or whatever from their 3D program instead of just doing like 1 or 2 so you don't have to waste 50 hours in the compositing program trying to stick this all together? I saw a guy who added a trash bin to a 3D tracked scene and the fucking trash bin had like 10 layers in which shit like shadows to the ground and shadows to the wall were in separate layers, for what fucking purpose.

How to make money of patreon?

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Anyone tried to make it on patreon?

What are your tips?

I tend to check Graphtreon everyday and it interesting to see people make it big. For example, exiscoming has only been doing this for a few months yet he has picked up a ton of subs.

Notice that monster girl is a huge thing on patreon. I also notice that slave trainers are still big.

Another thing is most of the people making big money aren't that skilled to be honest. Like there is a guy who making 10k a month using someone elses art assets.

Not sure if it even possible to make it on patreon now.
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Video Game Map Softwares

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I know nothing about this stuff so please forgive me

What software to vidya developers use to make maps. Like what Rockstar used for GTA 4 or whatnot.
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/r/ing an odd one here, does anyone have the 3d model of meme man? He apparently originated from here and I'm taking a shot in the dark
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