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Let me start by saying that I have been an anime fan for 15+ years, so I have seen a lot of anime. Hundreds, maybe thousands. But recently I saw a series that surpassed every single one I have seen, one that may have changed my life.

Now usually I'm not into magical girl shows. Sure, I watched Sailor Moon back in the day so I know what to expect from a magical girl show but nothing could have prepared me for this. Tokyo Crystal Mew. I saw the kawaii character designs and I heard Hideaki Anno was directing so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot. /a/, you have not lived until you've seen Tokyo Crystal Mew. This isn't your average magical girl show, it is deep and provocative and it really makes you think. I was seriously blown away by Toya's dad's monologue in episode one, when he finished talking I just sat there and stared at my screen in awe. I was deeply affected, and I felt like a new person. Screw Kamina, Toya's dad is the one who really makes me feel like a man who can do anything. He is so badass.

And then there's Chi. Now usually I'm not into bitchy girls but Chi is different. I used to be bullied in high school (hard to believe i know) so I really felt for Cookie in the scene in episode 3, and I didn't like Chi at first but then I realized something. First the lying, then the bullying...Chi is nothing but a trouble individual and I can relate to that. Plus her voice is like an angel's. /a/ I wish Chi could sit by my bedside and sing me to sleep every night. Chi is my waifu. She is beautiful and no one could ever come close to her pure beauty and her amazing voice. Chi is special because she is confident and she stands up to others. She is not afraid to be herself so that's why she wears the furry suit. I respect Chi so much and I am going to marry her and we will have a wonderful life together, I just know it.

If you have not watched Tokyo Crystal Mew you are not a real anime fan.