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ITT we overanalyze different series' and find symbolism where there is none.

Naruto is ultimately about Sasukes struggle with drugs. Sasuke's obsession with being the best, (in real life, having a perfect GPA) led him to study even when his body demanded sleep, starting his downward spiral with speed, and moving on to harder stuff like coke. Naruto is his autistic friend who managed to get into the same university because of some "help a retard" program, and he has an unhealthy fixation on Sasuke as his only friend. Sasuke has only really tolerated him, but Naruto thinks they're BFF 4 life, and that girl Sasuke fucked and chucked, Sakura, is his one true love. Orichimaru is his dealer, and a general scumbag. Can Naruto, even with only hope and retard strength, show Sasuke, a bright, but mixed upped young man, that drugs are leading him to alienate himself from his friends, and become a total dickhole?