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i am bored. i am bored with you. and why is that i am bored with you? not because of you but due my need to search for excitement. youre merely being dull and i am the one irritated by it. the thing that set me apart from average user (besides my godlike status and the mob of followers) is that i have perspective and i do dare to ask more. for every action there is reaction. for every dull day there is a riot waiting to happen. so why waste time? why indeed? let us smash the old memtic pattern and habbits that are holding us down. the old nothing days are gone. still linging towards the mysticified past? the past never happened in the first place! progression i say. join our mitts and together we will turn this place around and rally all over with our colourful banners proundly facing our foes. strike down the last remains of the stupid rules and taboos that enslave us. penitenziagite! penitentiam agite, appropinquabit enim regnum coelorum! repent, because the godly kindom is coming upon you! and i must shout it out from the bottom of my heart. not because the truth must be revealed but because my boredom obliges me to act. because boredom is the most forceful might in the world. the only true motivator. think about it. all of the great changes in history happened -not because they were right or wrong- but because the angry mob out there got bored of the shit and decited to kick some ass. christ, i feel like i possess all the might and righteousness of jesus and fra dolcino combined and more. listen up here comes the point of it all: this is happening to me and the colour brigate because i am bored of your repetive postings. you are the one to blame, anonymous.