Any good Romance anime's left?

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I done run out of good romance anime's. Is /a/ hiding some of them from me?

Strawberry Panic was way too girly for me. Someone looking for romance drawing a line for being girly? It's more common than you think. They took it to an extreme. There was no action except when the two main characters were about to get it on, pic related. Every 2 episodes it focused on new characters. Fuck.

Blue Drop sucked ass after episode 3, when it wasn't about the girl and her overall hatred of everything anymore.

The only redeeming quality Suzuka would have how much you can relate to what happened, which I could. But it still sucked.

Kanon was too god damn abstract and unreal to form any connections with anyone. And there wasn't any romance in it!

Air wasn't a romance either. It was about family ties and shit. A very well done anime though. It tugged at my emotions. One of the best in my book.

Clannad is fucking stupid. It's a copy-pasta of Kanon, only now it's in school, and there's more harem going on. The main character doesn't fucking go for it! I would have fucked the shit out of Kyou. "The company that made Air! This must be good," I thought... I got trolled hard.

ef - A Tale of Memories was alright, but they could have done more with it. I loved the OP and it was refreshing to see a guy who got dumped by a girl and didn't give a shit. I'm talkin' about Kyosuke. The only problem I had with it was the ending was too happy.

Elfen Lied, if you can call that a romance, (it was every genre when you think about it) was damn good. Lots of action and blood.

School Days. Fucking epic.

I don't like where True Tears is going at all. >:(

I've seen others that I didn't like... Negima, and Da Capo, The Mai Hime/Otome series, Kashimashi, Onegai Twins/Teacher, Nana, Video Girl Ai... you get the idea. 90% of romances are shit.

What are the GOOD ones?