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Well, since there's a /co/ thread here already, I figure I might as wel try this again.

So, most of you being of North American/European origin, I figure you have at least some distant knowledge of the Green Lantern, if only from "Help Gren Lantern I Have No Arms".

Anyway, yeah, basic concept is that GL's get power rings that let them make whatever they want out of hard light, so long as they have the willpower. They require also the emotion of fearlesness.

And now the book's just on the cusp of a big story where the other shades of the "emotional spectrum" have been uncovered and used for new rings.
Yellow=Fear (ability to inspire)

And then there's black, and the only requirement there is that you're dead.

And /co/, being huge speculatewhore, decided to have some fun coming up with our own memberships before this all started.

Only, let's face it: their knowledge of anime kind of sucks. SO, to that end, I was curious to know what characters would go in which corps, if you had a say?