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so i just finished AIR and figured i would give a short reveiw.
first off, i really enjoyed this anime, it has cute girls, swords, chicks with wings and i guess romance, all combined quite well, while the storyline did seem to change a bit more each eppisode and the movie is... well... the movie is i guess an alternate telling of the anime.
the basic plot line is a guy wanders from town to ton and stops in one certain town (which i dont think you get told the name of) where he meets a girl, she seems nice tho a little weird, soon after he meets another weird girl, and soon after that a third and fourth weird girl. now im fairly sure i didnt grasp everything as i noticed it has alot of subtle interconnecting things, in the same evangelion does (for example shinji's walkman always being on the instrumentality project)
i cant really say alot more without spoilers but it is a nice little anime for those who are fans of mahoromatic/chobbits but if you like your anime with lots of fight scenes and gigantic mechs/aliens then this is not the anime for you.