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"Mmmm. Darling, do you remember the day we met?" Rossiu leaned foreward in his chair, sat behind a beautiful candle light atmosphere, talking to his mute lover. Rossiu chuckled. "Shall I remind you, then?" he placed his lips gently against the cold surface of his lover's skin. He could have sworn he felt it shudder. "You remember...? Good..." he purred, brushing his lips. He was head over heels in love, but who would imagine someone ever loving something as cold, grey and motionless as Rossiu's love was? The lover shed a tear, making its features slick and shiny.

Rossiu's eyes lit up, noticing the rock. "Oh..How naughty..You're already wet." Rossiu purred once again, more cankily than before. He touched the slick surface with his index finger, and licked his finger. "I'm ready for this...if you are." Rossiu suggested, feeling a little shy. He waited for the response. When his lover didn't say no, he swooped his lover up bridal style, and carried her off to the bedroom. "I'll be gentle, I promise, my darling." He gently kissed the top of her head, setting her on the bed.