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Hello there /a/
The first anime I've watched via PC was Naruto and I loved it. It was much better than what was on my country's TV. Then I watched Bleach.

Although I were /b/tard for quite sometime, I had never been to /a/. That day, 8 months ago, when I started to visit this board, changed my life. I started watching good anime and started hating Naruto.

Now what here's my problem: how to prove to other people that Naruto is shit, and that there's over 9000 better anime to watch? I only have 2 friends who have watched more than two animes (yes, they also watched Naruto) and other 9 friends WHO'VE ONLY WATCHED THAT SHIT AND THINK IS THE BETTER THING EVAR AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS GAY.

tl;dr Thank you /a/ for making me a better person and how do I make people open their eyes to see that Naruto is crap?

pic related, my fav anime

in b4 /a/ is not your blog