Chaos Gods of Hentai

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Xration is the Hentai God of Fertility and Despair. It is said that she feasts on the anguish of mothers who have had their children raped and killed

Horihone Saizou is the Hentai God of Lust and Corruption. Both it(Horihone Saizou is a hermaphrodite) and Barasui are vying for position as the God of Lolicon.

Waita Uziga is the Hentai God of Guro, Bloodshed and Misogyny. He was created when a young woman was beaten, raped, and then buried alive in a cement drum.

Henmaru Machino is the Hentai God of Change, and his followers are often warped beyond imagining to suit his bizarre experiments

Shintaro Kago is the Hentai God of Decay and Dehumanization. Instead of blood, liquid shit flows through his veins and he warps his followers into grotesque shit-powered vehicles for his riding pleasure.

Any other ideas/suggestions?