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I've seen Boogiepop, Lain, Paranoia Agent, NHK, NieA_7, Haibane, BLAME!, Ergo Proxy, Koi Kaze, GITS, Mushishi, various Makoto Shinkai works, Texhnolyze, Ray The Animation, and a few others/various OVA I can't recall. Basically, I'm into more..."intelligent" anime. And I know that sounds really fucking pretentious, but I couldn't think of a better word.

Now, I've been hunting high and low for series that share similar themes (that are which is primarily philosophical to some extent, or touching onto more mature themes rather than shōnen style anime.

This isn't exactly a 'halp me find new anime' thread, as I know there are a lot of those. Rather, it's a question of have I simply watched all anime that exists for, say, people over 18?

Also, in b4 'lol why r u watchin anime if ur 18+ fag'.