Vinland Saga Chapter 36

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I said I was gonna post this at midnight, but I got up early. Amazing, eh?

Normally I don't like working with magazine raws (and once you see what I did to these poor scans you'll know why) but hell, leaving you all hanging at the start of that epic fight (and some Moenute nutbladder explosion) for x more months seemed a bit cruel. I'm still extremely reluctant to do any more for now - it's not like I'm gonna drop it or stall for a zillion years when the volume scans pop up, or take a long time getting 'em out. Shigurui's good too, give it a try.

But enough of my ranting. Enjoy, and the first bastard who mentions it (you'll know what it is when you finish the chapter) will get dryhumped out of the thread by Thorkell, Thors and Askeladd dressed in rayon suits.

And here's a bit I thought was pretty fucking awesome.