ITT anime in real life.

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About three hours ago I was walking out of the chemistry building of my college to drop off my weekly lab report and ended up passing by the complexes park. As you would expect there were benches out there and no trees.

Sitting on the bench right in front of the building's exist, leg's crossed, eating some kind of lunch, was a Mexican guy who looked just like Takakazu Abe, dressed in the same blue jumpsuit. I almost shit my pants in surprise and started laughing in utter disbelief. I also ended up standing and staring at him for about a minute and a half, which got his attention. He unfurled his leg and reached for his collar, but I thought he was going to unzip his jumpsuit so I ran back inside the building. I tried to sneak around him later but he was gone.

If he's there next Friday I'll take a camera phone picture.