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When Sonic got killed fighting Musashi Gundoh, Amy fell in love with Tails instead and they went to live in Naruto's village to have a baby and Grinder Sadako is their baby. Sadako means "Righteous Child". He was trained to be a ninja and stuff then he went into space where he got his Gundam. His Gundam is Assaulter Gundam and it wields the Explosive Carbine. This machine wields some of the heaviest weapons known ever. He was trained to fight with swords by Rororona Zorro, but when he died of the Legacy Virus he gave his swords to Grinder. Grinder was sad so he cut Zoro's scar into his chest and put on his shirt forever because he was his sensei. Then he went to defend Earth 2 from Cell who had absorbed Gattsu from Berserk. So Grinder put on the Potaro Earrings with Hercule because there was no-one else left. Then he won the fight, but it was hard. Then he met Sora from Kingdom Hearts and they fell in love and Sora became Grinder's girlfriend.