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Story summery is up for 5D's....yeah....even more possible fail.
Domino City several years after the times when Yugi Mutou once lived there--It has changed into the futuristic city "Neo Domino City," one that has adopted a stratified society. The protagonist, Yusei Fudo, on his advanced-form of Duel Disk, the D-Wheel, speeds off from the lower-class area with his sights set on the upper-class area. With his sights set on the Duel Stadium, where his former rival and Riding Duel Champion, Jack Atlas, who has stolen the Stardust Dragon so important to him and his friends, is at. Yusei and Jack finally face off. Their hearts packed with their own emotions, their ace monsters, Stardust Dragon and Red Demon's Dragon, clash! The dragons' battle causes a mysterious red dragon to appear and the Dragon's Birthmark on Yusei's arm to arise to the surface. The many different fates being led by the Dragon's Birthmark are about to be set in motion. What awaits Yusei as he fights for his friends?! And, just what exactly is it that the Dragon's Birthmark possesses?!