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Naruto is the best show ever i believe people should watch this anime. well, naruto isa twelve year old orphan posses by the fox demon and because of that everybody hates him except a shy girl name hinata who has a huge crush on him but shes to shy to tell....later on you meet sasuke uchiha the number one rookie ninja and a total hottie.........his goal is to kill his big brother for the revenge of the uchiha clan. Then you meet sakura haruno who has a crush on Sasuke naruto has a crush on sakura.....then youll meet other cool characters like kakashi sensai, neiji,gaara etc... it's all cool cause you get to see the way of the ninja's and you learn a lot about chakra,nenjitsu,taigutse.stamina......well i really recommend naruto the number one hyperactive knucklehad ninja..........!!!!!! it's awesome