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>Janitors need to have a basic understanding of IRC and __Firefox__ extension usage.

Why the heck exclusively Firefox? Once you try out Opera you'll never go back to that clumsy heavy yiffmachine. Seriously Opera is like 10 times more convinient to use and way lighter and it has all of the same qualities as Firefox, except that some sites don't support it with retarded extension. How about we make 4chan also opera compatible?

I'd claim that I could be far more better janitor in /a/ than most of the scumbags out there with Opera. I know how the things go around here and everyone knows me. I never get provoked over stupidity and if I do then it's for a reason. Add that to the vast surfing pace that Opera provides and you got yourself one person killer janitor team to keep things tidy. And think about how the atmospehere would change if the userbase actually knew the mod?

Think about it.