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What Would Kamina do?

Kamina is so great. Whenever you're divided on something, you should try to ask yourself WWKD? Chances are what he would do is probably the right thing to do, or at least the manliest.

For instance, Kamina would punch that annoying bastard in the mouth.
Kamina would connect foreheads with whoever he needs to stare down.
Kamina would incite a fight with somebody who looks like they need one.
Kamina would kick reason to the curb and persist, even against impossible odds.

And I'll tell you what he wouldn't do. He wouldn't stop believing in himself, and you shouldn't either. Why? Because Kamina believes in himself AND he believes in you. And you believe in Kamina, don't you?

So go ahead and think about all the lousy choices you've made in the past, and kiss them goodbye. Because next time, WWKD?