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First off to tell you that I recently watched/read all of One Piece (In japanese, with subs) and I LOVE it.

So sometime after that, I visited some cousins in South America and while we were watching TV, One Piece started and, well I was exited.
I couldn´t possibly be prepared for what happened next. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK?! So much crap...and so fast!

I had heard what 4kids did to One Piece on it´s time (but never really got to watch it) but I thought they stopped and funimation was the one dubbing it, but apparently in South.A they keep putting the 4kids version over and over. The worst part of this is that, because of this, most people here (In most South America apparently) actually think One Piece is like this and think is pokemon-comparable shit. WTF with Sanji´s "lolipop", WTF with Nami imapling Usopp´s with a "rubber knife", WTF withArlong´s gun turned into his pointing finger telling Bellemere he´ll imprision her for the rest of her life.

Seriously why did they did this?! There´s been a lot of these things in other series, why did they butchered One Piece like this? The only reason I can´t think off is that they didn´t even bother watching more that a couple of minutes, thought it was a kiddie´s show because of the style and facial expressions and started this freaking hell of edition.