New Ten Chapter 1

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Okay guys, I was reluctant about releasing Ten 1 and was considering just taking over for AHK starting with 2, but my translator had put a lot of work into it, and a lot of our translations came out significantly differently than AHK's, which I felt adds to the story and helps clarify a lot of things.

So, if you are interested in Ten I can honestly recommend reading our version of chapter 1. AHK's was not quite a mass naked child events, but he had several things wrong, because he works with less dictionaries and doesn't have any other translators to QC with. We worked fairly closely with AHK so there is no rivalry or anything (I help him edit Akagi sometimes) but our version is definitely a higher quality. He may be picking up another Fukumoto manga or just focusing on Akagi.

Be prepared for chapter 2 sometime this weekend, there is a loli and you will bawww.