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So it looks like the main character in MX0 is getting an upgrade.

So far a big part of his character has been that he can't do magic, and has to use his strength, and his brain to get through dificult situations. Even after he got a power, (the ability to negate magic) it was such a limited power, that he still was in the same situation.

Now if this upgrade happens (it could be a false lead like the time travel thing,) Taiga Kuzumi will be able to steal a bit of magic that others use, and would be able to use it himself.

Now my question is this, will the upgrade destroy what makes his character interesting, or do you think that it is limited enough that he will still be magically weak, and he will still need to depend on tactics?

Do you think that Taiga using magic will cheapen his character, or create more possibilities for growth?