My first topic! >.<

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Hello everyone here on 4chan! This is my first time coming to this Anime & Manga board! lol
Since there are no topics about my favorite Anime, Naruto, I guess I should just make one! What do you guys think will happen next? I'm so pumped up with this arc! I totally hope Sasuke comes back to Konoha! I think there'll be a great fight now, and Naruto will release the 5-tails!
But I'm still sad Sasori died T.T he was my faverite char! I hope the other 5 akatsuki members are just as cool as him! And that leader just looks SO awesome! I think he's got the mangekyou sharingan too!
And look at this awesome image I found!

So, I hope we all get along very well!
bye-bye, James