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I don't quite understand it, but reading YKK is a very strange experience for me. I sort of go through it methodically for a bit, but then I realize that I'm crying. Silently. My breathing doesn't change, and my lungs don't tighten up, but it's just tears slowly rolling down my face.

It's not like it's sad at all, and it certainly has nothing to make me angry. But I think a part of me really resonates with the world created within this manga and I feel this rush of, well of I don't know what. It's a positive sort of emotion, but it really is some sort of "joyful sorrow". Haha, yeah I know that's definitely a contradiction, but I can't describe it any other way. "Melancholy" and "ennui" don't feel quite right. I'm sure some people here know what I mean, since it seems like this place attracts only certain kinds of people.

But really. This is without a doubt my favorite manga of all time. It's my favorite story too, in fact. Nothing has ever come close to touching my dull and shapeless soul the way this has.

I just felt like sharing that, since I just read through it again.