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So I decided to take a cue from Kaiji/Akagi and place a high-stakes gamble of my own a few days ago.

I was over at a friend's house and, him being the NEET he is, his dad came in his room and let us know he made a pizza for us. When we got to the kitchen we decided to split the pizza. Only problem was that a slice had already been removed. The number of pieces was now odd. After trying convential means to solve the dilemna (like splitting the last piece), I proposed that we play a game. Similiar to Restricted Rock Paper Scissors (without the stars, the timelimit, or the structure) we would play 3, best of 2/3 games of rock paper scissors. The conditions: The winner gets the last piece, the loser forfeits the last piece, AND ALL OF HIS ACCUMULATED FUCKING PIECES.

I lost but we decided to split it anway.

Shit was SO cash.