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Dear newfaggots,

I felt like being a nice guy, so I'm going to throw you all a bone. Torrents for subbed animu tend to emerge here first:

If you want sites where you can watch streaming anime, then gtfo. If you don't know what a torrent client is, then gtfo until you find out. Otherwise, I've saved you a bit of lurking, and you can enjoy what the internets have to offer a bit faster than waiting for isohunt, or whatever other all-in-one torrent site can provide.

Also, quit using VLC. It's a piece of shit. It can't handle softsubs correctly, and has a terrible seekbar. It also takes highly irritating screenshots by default, and a lot of people never bother to change the default extension to jpg instead of png, even though it takes literally 2 seconds. I’m not going to tell you how, because you’re not supposed to be using VLC anyway. It’s like giving a junior high school speech discouraging premarital sex, and then giving out free condoms for those who are going to do it anyway. It makes no fucking sense.