Nougami Neuro = Gay.

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Guys. I'm not much of an otaku, more of a casual watcher time to time. recently i started to watch that craep. It seems like I should have better things to do, but i find persona totally boring the crap out of me, so i'm just watching this.

I mean, there are some good moments, the soundtrack is moderately good, but the whole thing is, literally, a scooby-doo anime with real paranormal stuff. Which doesn't make it any more thrilling. It still turns up to be the same scooby doo. There are "mysteries to solve" , everything is explained in a very hap-hassled manner, liek

[mystery start]-[some action]-[neuro instantly knows what's up]-this myster is on the tip of my tongue-[the showdown with the bad guy]- gochikosama.

That's basically it. The only thing that's missing is "and i would have done it if it was for that meddling kid and her demon friend". Seriously. It's not a horror, it's not sci-fi.

It's a mediocre comedy show for kids, but today ain't 1960. The whole thing has about the same excitement value as a wikipedia article in "simple english"

Pic unreleated, of course.