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Hey /a/,

Let me preface this by saying I enjoy anime occasionally and am not one of those who actively hate all anime.

However I do need to ask, why does anime INFECT like no other form of media?

Some examples: If you are playing an RPG and want your character to have a Jet Pack people don't go "LOL U R RIPPING OFF ROCKETEER!" generally, however if you want your character to have a mechanical arm, or be an animate suit of armor (both rather common in fantasy/sci-fi settings with hints of technology) people will immediately accuse you of stealing this idea from Full Metal Alchemist, even if you claim to have actually been inspired by other sources.

By the same token, and my own personal gripe, I have had the word "Alchemist" in my screen name for about 10 years, yet I constantly get accused by people who hate FMA, and approached by those who love it, with the statement of "Oh you must have gotten that from FMA"

This is, of course, absurd considering the age of the word Alchemist. Why is anime "infectious" in culture?

tl;dr - Why do people think anime invented everything?