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Volume 39 spoilers from 2ch

The first chapter begins with Kaiji repeatedly getting ron'd. He tries to think of a plan but nothing comes up. Everything is looking bad, he loses a lot of his confidence. He manages to win a round at the end.

At the start of the second chapter everyone in the room suggests Kaiji to quit so his condition doesn't get any worse but he refuses saying that he is sick of living in temporary and run down houses and that he'll take this game to the end...

... (Too lazy to translate the rest)

In the last chapter, Kaiji, on a losing streak, asks Takashi for one more game at first he refuses but Kaiji says that he will only win using the last tile Takashi discards, he accepts but only if they end the current round, Kaiji agrees.

The round goes like a normal round, but they abolish the furiten rule. On the last tile Takashi, thinking that Kaiji is somehow cheating,so he cheats while Kaiji isn't looking by swaping his last tile, a 4 sou, with a 7 sou from his hand and discards the 7, Kaiji is shocked and the bodyguards grab him. Takashi goes to Kaiji and hits him several times. He then stops to laugh. Takashi then resumes punching Kaiji, but while taking the hits Kaiji smiles and murmurs “ron.”
Takashi looks at Kaiji hand but, before he can show any expression gets shot by Kazuya. Kazuya gives Kaiji an extra 40 million Yen.

Kaiji: What’s this for?

Kazuya: “It is okay to hurt people if you pay
them” is what I’ve been told.

Kaiji: Why give me the money? I don’t want to help him.

Kazuya: That’s not for him.

Kazuya shoots Kaiji in the knee and explains that he wants to see just how good Kaiji's luck is when he’s dying. He tells the bodyguards to escort Kaiji out.

In the last panel, Kaiji is badly hurt, but smiling, in the background there are several houses

Pic is not from 39 btw