Vinland Saga Volume 5 (moar chapters)

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Original thread passed the bump limit so here's a new one. You can get chapters 1 through 4 of volume 5 at >>9886369, or of course on /rs/.

I'll take this opportunity to have a little say, if you don't mind. I've posted something along these lines before, but it was rightfully deleted. Anyway, to sum up the horrifically long post that I made a week or so ago (though the shitstorm has died down considerably): /a/ is what you make of it. All the bitching about /a/nimesuki or g/a/ia, or cancer killing /a/ or /jp/ sux or new /a/ sucks or what have you: bullshit. There's no reason you can't be the chemo.

There. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, you can ignore it and peruse these links.