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From the end of last episode, Shinichiro's mother is on the run for killing Noe, after having mistaken her for Hiromi. While in the getaway van, she notices Hiromi walking down the sidewalk, and stops the van. She gets out of the van and tries to attack Hiromi, who pulls out a gun and threatens to fire. Finally, the mother admits that while her husband had had an affair, it did not bear any children. Instead, she too had had an affair, and Hiromi came from it. As mother and daughter are able to embrace for the first time in their lives, a velociraptor rips the mother's head off, and Hiromi escapes in a helicopter.

The helicopter is driven by Miyokichi, who, furious at Aiko, drives it into her store and kills himself and Hiromi.

Aiko, meanwhile, is at her house with Shinichiro, who has come to her because he needed someone to talk to after Noe's death, and Hiromi would not even look at him. As the two console each other, Shinichiro finally realizes that only Aiko has ever been there for her all of the time, and that he can come to love her.

good end