a story of suicide and how anime can help

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Alright. I'm not going to expect and positive comments or anything but I suffer from clinical depression. I have cut myself multiple times and was going to commit suicide today. I had been feeling like it for a month and last night when my girlfriend of almost a year broke up with me and pushed me over the edge. I cried all night and didn't get a bit of sleep. I texted two of my closest female friends telling them of my plan. They tried to convince me not to but I was firm on it. Eventually they had to sleep, obviously and I was left with my thoughts and a dark room. I resolved to myself that I was going to do it.

This morning I told my mom what happened with my girlfriend and explained to her that I wasn't going to school. I was going to kill myself when my parents left so they wouldn't be able to stop me. I began to receive more texts begging me not to do it but I replied that I was firm in my decision. Later on my house gets a call and my mom answers. It's the school. Apparently the two girls had both independently gone to the student councilors, ran into each other there, and told them my whole story. I got rushed to the ER by my parents and they more or less put me in a room for several hours as they asked for a urine sample and talked to me about the whole situation.

They didn't give me any medication but I feel better knowing that I'm getting help. And I am so glad I have friends like the ones I have.