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/a/ I have a horrible story to tell.

I was driving home from a long day of college and was pretty hungry. So I passed by the Burger King drivethru. Now my mp3 player is plugged into my car stereo and it was playing Groovin' Magic(I loved Gunbuster 1, but never watched Gunbuster 2, but I loved the OP). Now I make my order and pull up to the window. A very attractive black girl is there to take my money. I must've been playing the song kinda loud because the girl asked me about the song as she was handing me my order.
"Is that Groovin Magic?" she said.
"Yea. How'd you know?" I said

Then there was pause

"Because Gunbuster 2 sucked but that shitty OP always got stuck in my head," she said.
With that she slammed the door in my face. I didn't even know what to do afterwards.
That was probably the closet I was ever going to get to meeting a hawt chick into anime too.

Good food tho.