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I'd like to call your attention to the greatest irony in anime/manga community: The almost complete neglect of the harem archetype.

Due partially to the understandable unwillingness of doujin authors to draw every damn girl within the main character's harem on every panel of a comic they aren't being payed (much) to make, harem stories are limited to those authors with the patience to keep up with each developing character's personality, relationships to all other members of the harem, etc (Ken Akamatsu being the almost uncontested master of this). Secondly, most of us 'fans' tend to bicker over which character in a vast harem is better than the others and thus fail to appreciate the collective appeal of the full harem itself. This is also understandable, considering the difficulty of opening twenty or so characters at the same time and attempting to interlock them into a collective machine.

The result is no love for harem (or at least not as much as one would expect, given its consistent presence).