repostan for luls

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etf is there someone I can talk to about recruitment, ciguatera specifically?

bukuwawa well

bukuwawa i can tell you what's going on with it.

bukuwawa if you like.

etf sure.

bukuwawa the raws are on their way to the scanner

bukuwawa after a long wait

bukuwawa progress should be rapid after that

etf the raws have been out though?

bukuwawa we scan our own.

etf why?

bukuwawa because we like to have control of the quality.

etf the raws for v4 are excellent tank scans :/

bukuwawa i'm telling you why it's taking longer for us.

bukuwawa we won't be using p2p scans for that series.

flyingrobots a five-star restaurant doesn't get its ingredients from a shitty factory