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Alright faggots, listen up. Was Kaiji GAR because he submitted to the masses, working in that shitty dump of a convenience store? NO! He took up a gamble with his life and walked his way across a steel beam of death twenty-two stories above ground! Did Kaiji chicken out when he was about to lose in E-Card, consequently having his eardrum drilled as a forfeit? NO! He took a gamble and cut off his own ear with a shard of glass! Did Kaiji have to bang some pig disgusting slut to prove his manliness? NO! Anime is your gamble! Anime is OUR gamble! NO! ANIME IS OUR SOUL! Living in our basements, watching our animus and fapping to our prepubescent cartoons, that is our gamble. That is the gamble that'll break the shitty conformist society! Only by being true to the way we live our life will we be GAR. The Slave is the have-not; the oppressed one with nothing to spare. And /a/non may be analogous to the Slave, having nothing except his anime, but because the Slave is in that despairing situation, it can kill the Emperor! This will be what remains of our voices and the voices of our comrades at the very end! The last of our pride from beyond the grave! We will be free! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?