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Now this is a story all about how My house got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit back, men, I'll tell you how I became the Prince of the dolls of Rozen.

In West Akihabara, born and raised, In my bedroom was where I spent most of my days, Surfing the Internet, fappin' all cool, And having "traumatic events" to stay home from school, When a little red doll with a pout on her face Started giving orders like she owned the place. She got in one little fight and put a rose ring on me; She said "You're gonna be my servant now, so bring me some tea."

A few more dolls came and one should've been shot. Her eyes were different colours and she said "desu" a lot; If anything I could say that this doll was weird, But I thought "Nah, forget it. Yo homes to N-Field!"

I turned on the TV about 7 or 8, and I yelled to the girls "Yo homes, Kun-kun's on!"

I counted my harem; it was going on ten, With my sis, the neighbour girl, and the dolls of Rozen