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flyingrobots do you not understand the difference between a 1200-1400 height, readable picture
bukuwawa we scan at 600 for editing.
flyingrobots and a 300-600dpi fullsize image for editing?
08:58 flyingrobots do you understand how editing works at all?
etf do you honestly think that makes a difference when 99% of the work is just erasing text?
flyingrobots or do you only read shitty scanlations?
flyingrobots oh i see
etf uh, I'm an editor
flyingrobots yeah you only read shit scanlations
etf rofl, right.
Velora That puts a very small percentage to translating.
08:59 flyingrobots rest assured
flyingrobots we will not be accepting your recruitment application
bukuwawa what's amusing is you've come into the channel for the single oldest scanlation group on the net
etf anyway, enjoy hurting the readers for your e-penises. neither of us is going to convince the other obviously, so I'll leave.
bukuwawa and propose to tell us how to do our business