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You know what's weird about Gaara?

That jug on his back is full of sand... but it's also MADE of sand. And the cork is made of sand too. Where's the logic in that? A jug made of sand needs a cork made of sand... to keep sand from spilling out? lolwut? Now obviously, I'm guessing the jug is basically for looks, and if he wanted he could just have a big slab of sandstone on his back. Which brings me to my next point. Gaara can pull sand from the ground, so why does he carry the equivalent of a big thick slab of sandstone on his back? Thirty-pound backpacks are known to cause scoliosis in middle schoolers. Do you have any idea how fucking much that sand jug would weigh? Take a guess, /a/. Just take a wild guess.

It would weigh roughly six hundred pounds.