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So, after spending the past 8 years downloading the 720p batch of Utawarerumono i finally watched it all.

I really enjoyed the early episodes, good character development on Oboro (although for the remainder of the show he does nothing but shoot his mouth off and have a siscon), Benawi and such. Set up the story well overall imo. Its a pity that everyone in the village has to die, i mean i bawww'd when Teoro died, so GAR.

The middle section with various battles and such was a bit repetitive, also the way they re-used fighting animation from episode to episode with just different back-drops was rather poor. My least favourite section.

The end arc, i mean way to ruin a good story. I'm not syaing i didn't enjoy it, its just that i think they could've done better.Oh wait genetic experiments making your babies, you're actually half a gods soul now. Divine fire? nah, that's a satellite laser.

And at the very end, i did fucking cry. I'm clearly not GAR enough for this anime, but not at the actual ending. The thing that left me in tears was the killing off of Yuzuha. I mean seriously, it was like the end bit of the end episode. She was fucking sweet. There was no need to kill her off. I could've watched this episode and gone to sleep happy. Fucking writers.

After all my bitching 7/10 (rating, sadly i was not trolled by this show). Has flaws, but fun to watch regardless.

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