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The anchorings of the giant Space Elevator have been severed, and as the colossal structure begins to collapse and fall apart, an all-out war rages around the tower. Flying through the debris and crumbling wreckage, Graham Aker sees the suit responsible for the chaos and destruction--a Gundam.

The two duel, flying through the shards of the collapsing tower at breakneck, reckless speeds, and Graham coughs up blood--the G forces are killing him. His vision begins to blur, but he does not hold off on his attack.

He dodges one last strike and then counters with his own final blow--but right before it connects, he gives his last breath and dies. His beam saber continues to slice through his opponent's cockpit, destroying them even after Graham's own death.

As his lifeless suit crashes to the ground with the rest of the wreckage, Graham's body has an odd smile on his face...