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just out of curiosity, as i read a few vampire story books the past few months:

which type of vampire do you prefer? the one we have in hellsing? mysterious, infinitely resourceful. dignified. well mannered. amused at slow, insanely painful death, but at the same time caring for others. going wall-of-china-shittingly apeshit when just slightly pissed. slightly insane. very intelligent, making use of his centuries of human study. good looking..i guess

a relatively new type (don't know how to name it)? pure bloodthirst. ripping everything to shreds. not very intelligent, even though living for thousand years. depending on other vampires. relatively easily killed, meaning they have to protect themselves more. bald, spiky-eared monsters.

the abstinent type? very well mannered. doesn't drink blood. lives a relatively normal life. helps humans in every way. no need to care about the possibility of his death, because nothing happens (yes..there was one like that in one book...thoroughly disappointing, imho)

there was one more, but it just slipped my mind. something in between of the first and the second...will post if i remember