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True Tears "after action" "report"(opinion)

Ok, well, Im actually suprised how Shinichiro dealt with Ai, in a positive way. I expected him not to tell anything and act like an coward. Though I belive there wouldv been better results if Shinichiro would`v explained the situlation properly to Ai instead of "lol, sry, cant be with you trolol /quit"

And not so suprisingly, Hiromi is basically being an asshole again.

Shinichiro`s Mother is acting normally, though she did bad job with the photograph disposal.

Ai, well she kinda got "stuck" on "baww"-phase, hopefully she would get over it. Fast.

And Noe.. Well, I belive she might be advancing bit too fast, but well, she seems to be a nice person.

Noe`s brother is pretty much in "fubar" situlation, a) He did promise to Hiromi that he would do whatever she wished to, so that Shinichiro wouldnt break up with Noe. b) He doesn`t seems to be like an liar, so he just have to obey Hiromi`s orders.

So yeah, your opinion?