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Ash Ketchum is a faggot. Let me explain this to you, people on the internet. For the last fucking twenty thousand years, this mother fucking little boy has been on a journey. On that journey he has done countless shit like catch pokemon, meet girls, and do some battles.

What have I learned from watching him? That he fucking sucks. Let's see; he has had three different girl partners alone in the dark with just a scary black with them. He's never made a move at all, that idiot. He's a fucking faggot, I say. He doesn't even rub their shoulders or anything. He could at least use the old, 'My sleeping bag is broke' trick, but he fucking doesn't.

Secondly, this faggot can win gym battles and all this, but he always loses in the Pokemon League. YOU KNOW WHAT?! How the hell can this guy be the Chosen One, beat fucking legendaries, and even meat a fucking Mew, but this guy can't even beat a stupid Mewoth in boots.

A Mewoth in boots > Dragonite


He even let go of his Charizard to some lesbian bitch. What a loser.