Kanetsuki no Monogatari

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*beats head against a wall* He is the deal /a/. I got the bright idea to make a visual novel with my college's game developers club. I can play product manager pretty well and I have a great story to tell. My friends and I decided to take a few programming classes in flash (action script) to help with the creation of the game. I have a few really good programmers on my team, as well another /a/non helping with story. The one thing I'm lacking is an artist. There was one girl I was banking on to get me some good sketches (I could do the rest in photoshop). The sketches she provided reminds me of the stuff that comes out of deviant art.... *sigh*

The name of the game is "Kanetsuki no Monogatari"
The current release format will be in .swf and feature a chapter that focuses on a single girl and her relationship with the main character.

Presently the first chapter release will focus on a Tsundere girl who's split personality is that of a Yandere type. In the beginning the tsundere girl has no interest in the main character, but her yandere half falls deeply in love with him. As the tsundere half starts to warm up to him the yandere gets extremely jealous. In the end of this chapter the tsundere invites the main charater over to her house in order to confess her love to him. Because of the highly emotional state she is in her other half becomes the dominate personality. The yandere hijacks a city bus and drives it into the house of the girl she suspects is going after her love. (She has no idea that the girl she is targeting is really herself, and the house she just crashed into was hers... Or that the main character was waiting in the living room for her to arrive.) Once getting out of the bus she discovers the dead body of the man she’s in love with, killed, by her own hands. She snaps mentally. She heads to the college campus and walks up to the top of the bell tower. She ties a noose around her neck and hangs herself form inside the school’s bell.